About Us

When Granite Town Farms opened its doors in 1985 David and Beth Hatt grew the business from a small farm stand to an operation that managed over 500 acres of wild blueberry land. The blueberries and value added products made from the berries have been distributed locally as well as to major retailers and country markets throughout the Maritimes.

In the fall of 2015 David and Beth decided it was time to retire and sought out a couple who would carry on the traditions and passion for the business. Glenn and Polly Cox stepped forward and have taken up the challenge to carry on the thriving business.

The wild blueberry harvest lasts roughly one month, spanning parts of August and September. However, our wide variety of specialty gourmet products were developed with the idea that the great taste of wild blueberries should be enjoyed year round. These products are made using the old-fashioned stove-top method, carefully watched, stirred, filled and labeled by hand.

Our product line includes varieties of jam, spreads, sauces, syrups, sweet-and-tart chutney and relish,vinaigrettes, salsa, and teas. Our jam and spreads , are unique from those found in conventional grocery stores. We use more fruit, minimal preservatives, natural flavorings and no artificial colorings. Our sweet and tangy chutney and relish, served with meats, poultry, fish and game, adds unparalleled flavor and chef presentation to any meal. Our vinaigrettes are delighful additions to salads and marinades. And our sizzling Wild Blueberry Lime Salsa is a sure-fire hit for social gatherings.

We offer a wide selection of cedar crate gift packages comprised of various combinations of our gourmet products. The crates are made from locally harvested cedar and hand-made by a local craftsman.

We pride ourselves that each product is made with wild blueberries we have carefully nurtured "from blossom to box". By overseeing the growth, harvesting and processing, we can guarantee the wild blueberries sold fresh from the field and used in our products are natural and high-quality "from the Earth to you". Each product has been researched for consistency and quality through a qualified laboratory, ensuring the contents of each jar and bottle are of uniform consistency. Our passion and commitment to develop only new and unique wild blueberry product combinations is what sets us apart from other specialty food producers.

​​​​​​​We have also been awarded the Province of New Brunswick’s Minister’s Marketing Award of Excellence for our product quality, innovativeness and marketing initiatives. This proves that quality is what really sets us apart from the rest.

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About Wild

Wild Blueberries

In the beautiful fields of Eastern Canada and Maine, wild blueberries have grown naturally for thousands of years. Smaller than their cultivated cousins, low-bush blueberries are one of three varieties native to North America. Long before European settlers came to the New World, native North Americans had already discovered the magic of wild blueberries.




​Two Growing Cycles

​​​Also unique is the fact that wild blueberries are actually a biennial crop - a field is "pruned" one year, either by burning or mowing, and is harvested the following year. Unlike other fruit, including their cultivated cousins, they are not planted, only managed.This biennial growth pattern helps to explain why wild blueberries and their value-add products may seem expensive compared to annual fruits and vegetables.


Bees and Pollination

​Buzz is music to our ears for Wild Blueberries. A healthy wild blueberry plant will produce many flower buds and pollination is crucial. Along with the native pollinators, we rent honey bees from local beekeepers the end of May each year for a period of two to three weeks. The size of the berry is determined by how many times the bee visits the same flower.




Harvesting Wild Blueberries

​Harvest season is labor-intensive and short, spanning mid-August to mid-September. Fields are harvested carefully either using hand rakes or mechanical harvesters.

To experience the Wild Blueberry story and taste the Wild - especially the Wild blueberries with a Kick - join us - book a tour - spend some time on the farm with us.